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Nasheeta Arabians grew from a one-woman-show into a family operation, now Erwin (1969) Emma (2002) and Tommie (2008) are involved too!
Brigitte (1971) focuses on competing in distance rides and additionally practises classical dressage and dressage at liberty. Erwin successfully competes at distance rides and additionally became best of show at TREC Event Eersel in 2006. In 2008 he again competed at endurance rides, now with Nasheeta Fadra our Lipizzan mare. In 2004 and 2005 he already succesfully completed many distance rides with El Guapo, his first own horse.
Nasheeta Arabians is kindly supported by Saskia Klaassen, our dear friend. We are assisted by our friend Alma Tiggelman, an excellent young rider.

Nasheeta Arabians
Our quest for bloodlines
In the past ten years we have been looking for very special horses. Sometimes to own them ourselves, but also just to enjoy them in person. We met many special horses and their owners/breeders on our quest.
1999 - US: Visit to Masada Arabians (Walter Schimanski), Matara Egyptian Farms (Vicki Butler), Chariot Farms (Robin Weeks), Ms Jane Beard and Mahrus Egyptian Bloodstock (Cheryl Horton). Read about this trip and Babson Arabians in: "Impressions"

2000 - Meeting with Mary Gharagozlou. Learn more about Iranian Asils in our book: "Impressions".

2002 - 2007 - Spain: Visits to Schieferegg stud, where they breed and raise the world’s finest asil endurance horses.
2004 - visit to Tiamo Stud, The Netherlands to learn more about the Lipizzan horses
        - visit to Argamak Stud, The Netherlands to learn more about the Akhal Teke horses
2009 - Portugal; visit to Barroca d'Alva and Portugese riding school to learn more about Lusitano horses

2010 - Andalucia: visit to Schieferegg Stud and Los Caballos del Mosquin

Blessed with a gift for writing and photography, we combine our talents with our passion for horses. Brigitte loves to write about horse-related topics and to gain a lot of knowledge in the process. Erwin has an excellent eye for the nature and spirit of the horse and is able to capture this in his photographs. He also is a master in enhancing a specific charm to his images. For instance, when you look at his pictures taken in Andalucia, it feels like you have been there yourself. In the past years we have worked for many equestrian magazines. Recently we have broadened our view from (endurance) sport and Arabs to many other interests.

Brigitte is now inspired by the book "Tao of Equus" by Linda Kohanov and her renewed passion for martial arts. She writes a column on these topics for The Arabian Magazine about how she combines her abilities for Chinese martial arts with her skills as a rider and trainer of horses.
Our first book - with co-author Saskia Klaassen - is called: ”Impressions” and is published by Eurocenter Paardenboeken and Saskia Klaassen. This book describes our trips to the United States and Spain to meet unique breeders of precious bloodlines: the Babson Arabians and the Iranian Asils.
It is also a compact but complete manual to the history of various Arabian bloodlines, complemented by the beautiful pictures of Wolff Photography.

 About us
Brigitte has 822,5 succesfully completed kms in distance rides. Erwin has 209 succesfully completed kms in distance rides and 90 kms at POR rides in TREC events.

Brigitte is currently trained by Maestro Giorgio Mereu Pes (Grand Prix dressage and Italian school) in a 2 years programme.

Brigitte is also trained by Angela Remie (Classical dressage by Bent Branderup) and Thamar Gotthjalpsen (Grand Prix and classical dressage).

Brigitte is participant at the Premium Programma of Paarden Begrijpen (Marijke de Jong).

23-26 July 2010 Brigitte is attending the endurance competition programme at Dutch Joy (Yvonne van der Velde).

Our horses have been trained by:
Thamar Gotthjalpsen (Grand Prix dressage, dressage at Liberty)
Yvonne van der Velde (Dutch National Champ Endurance 2007)
Lotje Moerdijk (TREC, Working Equitation, endurance)
Marion van de Klundert (Freestyle, Natural Horsemanship by Emiel Voest)